Klubová výstava 21. augusta 2020

Klubová výstava sa uskutoční 21. augusta

pred medzinárodnými výstavami v Bratislave

– DUODANUBE 22. a 23. augusta 2020




















Rozhodca: Irina Petraková /Ru

I have met dalmatians in 1982 when I was seven and my father bought a Dalmatian bitch from Chech Republic. Her name was Alka z Zhulova Dvora. It was the very first Dalmatian in Russia, and the very first russian litter was born in our kitchen. 

I have registered  my own kennel name “iz Terletskoy Dubravy” in 1997 and since that time I got more then 100 champions  and many International champions. 

I became an FCI judge in 2000. I have worked as a judge in Byelorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Luxemburg, Poland, Serbia, Chezh Republic, Netherlands, Italy.  Also I was invited to judge WAFDAL (World Association For Dalmatians)  show in Austria in 2011. 

I prefer Scandinavian type of Dalmatians and use in my breeding dogs mostly from Norway, Sweden and Finland. My best brood bitch was born in Netherlands. Now you can find her name in the pedigrees of many Russian kennels. 

Today my top  achievements  are two titles of BOB at Cruft’s show in England (2018 and 2016), four  World winners (2009, 2015, 2017,  2018), European Winner 2019 and several junior European winners.  

I have read many articles about dalmatians and 3 books (all in russian language). I am a secretary or Russian dalmatian club, created and update web site of Russian dalmatian club. I’m also a holder of biggest  pedigree database http://dalmatin-club.ru/pdb/search.html 

In my family now we have 3 dalmatian bitches and have plans to keep one more bitch for shows and breeding.   I also have several more dogs and bitches in co-ownership with my friends.  I’m very grateful to them for their show enthusiasm and support of our kennel. We have a great team of friends and it let us to produce good results.