Brenda Rance about the Show



I was an honour to return to Bratislava again after more than 30 years for a second time to judge your Slovakian Dalmatian Clubs 40th Anniversary Show. The temperature was hot at 35 degrees so the ring was under trees to give me the handlers and dogs some shade.
There are many improvements not only in the beautiful city of Bratislava but also in your Dalmatians which have been influenced by new blood brought in from neighbouring countries . Not knowing any of the dogs it was very challenging as there were varying types, sizes and stages of development.
The good points were superb feet, round and compact with well arched toes. Many exhibits had glossy coats and dark pigmentation with just a few suffering from the dreaded dally rash . Round dark eyes on both blacks and livers was so nice to see. Most had well sprung ribs with ample lung and heart room although some were slab sided and too narrow throughout so this needs to be watched in the future.
Disappointing was length of stride and sound movement. Many exhibits were doing their “knitting”. I know the surface of the ring did not help and threw many off balance, but for others who had strong quarters and good muscle condition this did not happen. There was some evidence of front feet paddling and pacing on the move which is not correct.
My best puppy was a promising youngster and hope he fulfils his potential and his owner has a lot of fun with him. My best bitch from the champion class Dalticino Sainte Devote CH was of the correct size, very feminine and did not stop showing herself off and especially striking was her sound movement displaying the correct piston action. I loved her. Best dog and Best of Breed Hillary Tenzing Dalmadami came from the Intermediate Class . He was powerful, all male, and really looked as though he could run behind a carriage all-day with his strong sound hind and front movement and long length of stride. Sired by my Champion Dog Class Winner Caprilli’s Justin Time CIB who was pipped to the post for BOB by his son with his more refined head.
Thank you for inviting me I had a fabulous time meeting you all and your wonderful Dalmatians and hope to be back in the not too distant future.
Brenda Rance