Klubová výstava 17. 8. 2018

Rozhodca: Jean Pierre Achtergael (Belgicko)

Cynological CV Jean Pierre Achtergael

FCI Judge groups 6 and 7.

My name is Jean Pierre Achtergael, and I own the Dalmatian affix kennel “Of the Green Garden”.

I bought my first Dalmatian in 1982, a Dalmatian bitch called Giba. Her sire was a multi champion. I was very lucky that she was of excellent quality, and I made her Belgian, French, German and International champion. Hence my show carrier started. Since then I have owned and bred several champions Showing became my passion. A few years later I decided to become a show judge. So I passed the exams, and became a judge in 1992. My first breed was, of course, the Dalmatian. Second one was the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I am passionate for both breeds, always looking for the perfect specimens, both in type and in movement. Currently I am authorized to judge FCI Group 6 and 7. The latest years I have judged goups 6 and 7 throughout Europe Australië and Canada.