Jean Pierre Achtergael – Club show in Bratislava

This year I had the honor to be invited to judge the slovakian Dalmatian club show in Bratislava. The show was organised at a double CACIB show on Saturday and Sunday and took place at Friday. It was on a horse race track, beautiful place. I must say it was very warm that weekend up to 32°. Saturday and Sunday there was no shade so that was really hot stuff. Friday we where under the trees with a lot of shade that was good for the dogs and the owners (and also for the judge).

About the quality of the dogs I can say that I have seen nice heads, no coarse ones with good ear placements. front angulations where good, some had to short upper arms but that is known in the breed. Toplines where good. I have seen almost no falling croups what is also know so that was a good point. Tail sets where ok only a few to low set. Bone and feet where mostly excellent, also strong pigmentation and spotting was good. Have seen a few to short tails, only a little bit but I see that more and more in Europe so is a point to take care of. Some were also shy and a few very shy that is something we don’t want in the breed. one or two where really at the maximum size but it has been much worse in the past. So I want to say to the breeders keep up the good work.

I want to congratulate Oleg for the organisation of the show. I know that it is always a lot of work and he is doing this since a decade but that makes him very experienced, well done.